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Forming Healthy Eating Habits for Life

As educators and parents ourselves, we understand that children need the right combination of foods to help them develop mentally and physically. Our experienced Nutrition Coordinators create menus that are delicious, colourful and nutritious. We use interactive kitchen windows, herb gardens and food exploration opportunities to regularly teach children about the ‘super powers’ of different fruits and vegetables as well as encouraging them to try something new. Our beautiful gardens include vegetable patches that allow children to watch their food grow and foster conversations about nutrition. Together with our passionate Nutrition Coordinators the children collect fresh ingredients for their meals or in play.

Mealtime Rituals

At Keiki, mealtimes are regarded as important rituals rather than set routines. Children are supported to enjoy meals together in small groups when they are hungry through progressive mealtimes. Authentic eating utensils and real crockery allow children to develop their independence and physical skills while enjoying the social aspect of meal times. Older children participate fully in the mealtime ritual by self-serving their meals and scraping and rinsing their bowls when they have had enough to eat.

The Keiki Kitchen

We provide a delicious 4-week rotating menu, carefully designed to meet children’s daily nutritional requirements. Our services are allergy-aware and all staff handling food are required to complete mandatory food safety training. Meals include favourites such as Lemon Myrtle Tuna Pasta, Roast Chicken Dinner and Bush Tucker Curry. Children also enjoy a range of different snacks such as homemade muffins and superfood platters. Please see the below sample meal plan from our Winter Menu.

Birak and Bunuru menu week 1

Our Favourite Recipes