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By keiki

Watch and Join Children’s Yoga at Keiki Early Learning

Join in at home with Lisa from Keiki Early Learning at Edgewater and Free Spirits of Yoga, as she demonstrates some yoga poses for children!

This is a fun, five-minute yoga routine that you can follow along with at home. Start with some breathing exercises and use your breathing to blow up balloons so big they go POP! Then copy Lisa as she demonstrates basic yoga poses with some added child-friendly flair. Crouch into dog pose and imitate a dog’s barking noise while you wag your tail. Then slide down onto your tummy pretending to be a long, slithering snake. What other animals can you become while doing children’s yoga? Join Lisa to find out! 

Say “Namaste” as Lisa talks you through some yoga for children. Yoga is an essential aspect of our rituals here at Keiki Early Learning, where we believe that children grow and thrive in a beautiful environment doing a wide range of kid’s activities.

The Benefits Of Yoga For Children

Yoga provides an opportunity for children to slow down in a fast-paced world. It teaches children to relax and breathe, encouraging self-esteem and promoting a sense of calmness.

We find the most difficult part is keeping children interested throughout the routine, so we’ve made it fun, too. Some of the key benefits of this popular kid’s activity are:

  • It’s a fun, non-competitive activity.
  • It encourages healthy habits and teaches focus.
  • Children learn self-awareness of the body, mind and spirit.
  • It promotes positivity and optimism.
  • It teaches balance and coordination.
  • It provides space for the mind to settle down and relax.

By following Lisa’s yoga routine at home, children have the opportunity to stay connected to their Keiki Early Learning service whilst working on their growth and development at home. We have a lot more children’s activities, stories and poems on Keiki Connect, Keiki’s YouTube channel . The videos are shot at various Keiki Early Learning locations and feature educators sharing their favourite songs, books, dances and activities. 

Find out more about Keiki Early Learning

Keiki Early Learning offers quality early childhood education in Perth’s northern suburbs, with locations in Edgewater, Alkimos and more. We believe the physical environment is part of the curriculum and not just a background, so we ensure our centres offer a calming, beautiful place for the children to learn and grow. To find out more about Keiki Early Learning, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.