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By keiki

Creating a Green Space for Your Child

Fresh air, sunshine and green grass. In today’s modern age, your child can get so caught up with the latest technologies that they may not get outside enough. However, this doesn’t have to become a crisis. Creating a ‘green space’ for your child can benefit them in a number of ways. Studies have shown that children who are regularly exposed to green spaces are smarter and happier. They have better attention, great memories and improved physical and mental health. Even if you don’t have a lot of space in your backyard, there are a number of techniques you can use to make your child’s life a little greener.

Plant some flowers

Head to your local market or florist and pick out a flower or plant with your child. Plant it in a pot by the window or in your backyard. Get your child actively involved. Make sure the flower or plant gets the right amount of sunshine and water as specified on the label. This can help teach your child responsibility and understanding of cause and effect, it can also help improve memory. Try incorporating watering the plant into your child’s morning or afternoon routine to help them remember.

Grow some vegetables

No matter if your backyard’s big or small, there are ways to start a vegetable garden and grow some fresh vegetables. Purchase some seeds, soil and the right tools such as a spade and gloves for your child and plant a small garden. Don’t make it too big and overwhelm your child, all you want to achieve right now is exposing your child to outdoor activities. Teach them the difference between dirt and soil, how deep to dig the hole, how to plant the seeds, when to water the them and how to harvest the fully-grown vegetables. Who knows? Maybe your child will love gardening so much they may actually want vegetables for dinner!

Visit a Park

Encourage an active lifestyle and appreciation of nature by going on regular trips to the park. You can have a picnic, play a game of cricket or footy, have an adventure on the playground, or simply relax under a tree with a good book. If there are any botanical gardens in your area, take your child so they can have a new appreciation for different flowers and plants. This will not only get your child some Vitamin D, but also be a calming activity that lowers the risk of anxiety and depression. Don’t forget to protect yourselves from the sun, always remember to wear a hat and ensure you have applied sunscreen at least 30 minutes before going outside.

Keiki Early Learning

At Keiki Early Learning we believe the environment is the ‘third’ teacher. Our environments are not just a backdrop, but part of our everyday learning. From outdoor games to sustainable gardens, we help your child gain cognitive and emotional skills so they become healthy and happy. If you want your child to learn within a beautiful natural setting, contact your closest Keiki Early Learning school today.