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Nurturing Childcare for Newborns and Infants

Baby and Infant Daycare

At Keiki Early Learning, we believe that it’s never too early for your child to start learning. Our nurturing, safe and loving nursery school environment helps to stimulate healthy growth and development from the very beginning of a child’s life. Our newborn and baby daycare typically caters for infants aged 4 months to children aged 18 months old.

While important for children of all ages, we know how crucial it is for babies to feel safe and secure. When it comes to infant childcare, Keiki Early Learning is skilled at providing a nurturing and engaging childcare nursery for infants and babies. It is only when children feel comfortable and secure in their surroundings that they are able to learn, develop and grow.

Early Learning Framework for Babies

Our infant baby daycare program fully embraces the Early Years Learning Framework. This framework was created to ensure a quality education for your child during vital development stages. It involves play-based learning that is tailor made to your child’s ideas, interests, abilities, and other core aspects.

Our flexible routine and educational curriculum offers a stimulating program that is age appropriate for babies. It incorporates both children’s and families’ interests, as well as intentional teaching using experiences such as singing, movement, stories, art and sensory play. Our thoughtful infant childcare curriculum is designed to help babies develop physical strength, cognitive abilities, hand-eye coordination, spatial orientation, language development, and other skills.

baby and educator looking at puzzle on mat

Experienced Baby Room Educators

Our childcare nursery educators are carefully chosen for their experience and ability to form strong bonds with newborns and infants. We understand all babies are different. We follow your babies’ individual pattern of sleep, feed and play to ensure continuity between baby daycare and home. We also follow the highest standards and best practice recommendations around safe sleeping. Educators are happy to follow each child’s preferred method of settling to sleep, and providing safety is always considered above all else.

Daycare for Babies In Partnership With Families

We strive to build a meaningful relationship with both yourself and your baby at our childcare nurseries. That’s why our highly experienced and qualified educators work in partnership with families when it comes to all our infant childcare services. Together, we provide a childcare environment tailored to babies that is flexible and supportive for children during the important developmental stage from infant through to baby and toddler age.

We love to share children’s learning with their families, so each baby has their own online child portfolio. This includes photos, observations and a snapshot of the week in the childcare nursery. Families are able to comment, share and extend their child’s learning at home.

Baby in childcare centre holding round rattle with educator and children in background

Book a Tour of our Childcare Nursery today

Childcare places for newborns and babies fill quickly, so it’s best to book a tour and join the waitlist as early as possible to avoid disappointment. If you would like more information on our daycare for infants and babies in our nurseries, please contact our friendly team at Keiki Early Learning today.