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young girl with rabbit outdoors
By keiki

For the Love of Animals and Nature

Introducing a child to animals and nature can truly open them up to many wonderful feelings, including compassion, love and responsibility. In this article, we’ll take a look at how to encourage children to love both animals and nature.

Learning through reading

A great way to introduce children to any topic is through reading about it. Books provide a calm and relaxed environment in which to learn, and so will set a good basis for your child to learn about animals.

Choose books that explore not only the animals themselves, but also their habitats. This way your child will gain a broader understanding of both animals and nature. After reading about where the animals live, pick up some books about how the animals act. What are their families like? How do they treat their young? All of this will be very useful and interesting for your child to learn about.

Exploring the wild

Now that your child has a basic understanding of animals, take them into the real world to apply that knowledge. Take a walk in the bush where you may see some kangaroos or kookaburras.

Whilst you are in the bush, talk to them about loving nature. Ask them what they think that would entail. More often than not, they’ll be able to give you a great answer. If they aren’t so sure, here are some ideas you can suggest to them.

A world without litter

If we love something, we shouldn’t hurt it. Litter hurts not only the natural flora, but also the fauna. Instead of throwing rubbish on the ground, throw it in a bin.

Respect for living things

Treat nature with respect. Don’t break branches or rip away flowers. Don’t throw rocks at animals. The only mark you should leave is your footsteps.

Don't shop, adopt

The best way to open your child up to love, compassion and responsibility is through adopting a pet. No matter whether it’s a dog, cat, goldfish, rabbit or hamster, your child will come to understand what it means to take care of another creature, which is a wonderful way to teach them about caring for others.

It will give them a firsthand experience of love and kindness, especially when the animal will respond to their attention.

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