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By keiki

How to Teach Children Values and Principles

Children are not born with a set of values, ethics and morals. It’s something that’s learnt from their parents and upbringing. Laying the foundation of values in early childhood will mean that children have acquired the knowledge to grow into well balanced adults and lead a bright and healthy future.

Self esteem

Children need to feel a sense of belonging and the right to feel accepted. Positive reinforcement and encouragement will help to build confidence and belief within themselves. Let your child know that their sense of creativity, imagination and quirks are what makes them special.


Compassion is empathy and concern for the wellbeing of others. Teach your child to be compassionate towards the environment and people by leading with example. Be kind and respectful of nature, people and all creatures great and small.


Honesty isn’t just about telling the truth to others, it’s also about not lying to yourself. To create opportunities for your child to learn and practice honesty, it’s important they feel safe to do so without getting into trouble.


Responsibility can be taught through assigning appropriate jobs/chores to children. Complete the jobs with them until they understand how to do it themselves. Avoid reward systems and offer praise and positive encouragement instead. Your child will then learn not to always expect something in return.

Good judgement

The teaching of good judgment ensures that children understand how to think about a situation to make decisions. Creating scenarios in conversation for your child to think and figure out is good practice, as your guidance is very important for their learning.

Acceptance of diversity

It is important to teach children that everyone is equal, regardless of race, ability, gender, religion and background. Instil an appreciation of different cultural backgrounds and ethnicities by learning about it together. It is also important to teach children that it is wrong to treat anyone differently based on appearance, accents, or abilities, both physical and mental. Explain that we are all unique and possess our own special qualities.

Keiki Early Learning

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