Human Resources


Identify Recruitment Needs

Centre Coordinators know what their service needs. Speak to Amanda and Kym to critically reflect on what steps you should take next.

Complete a New Employee Request Form and send it to Amanda,

Amanda will then commence the recruitment strategy and will advertise the job.

Amanda will then send a shortlist for the Centre Coordinator to review. Amanda is available to discuss the list of candidates.

Amanda will arrange the first interview via phone and will send a confirmation email. Centre Coordinators will receive a calendar invite with a copy of the resume.



Interviews are conducted by the Centre Coordinator using the forms below:

Room Leader
Educational Leader
Early Childhood Teacher

Some roles require a second interview, or the Centre Coordinator may request one. Please contact the Owner, General Manager or the HR Manager to arrange their attendance if required.


Candidate to Keiki Crew

Once the ideal candidate has been selected, the Centre Coordinator must complete the Offer Letter Request Form.

Once filled in, the Offer Letter Request Form is forwarded to the HR Manager with the interview notes and a copy of any qualifications collected.

Human Resources will then run the Reference Checks before confirming the offer of employment with either the Owner or the General Manager.
Once confirmed, the Employment Contract and Other Employment Documentation will be sent to the new Keiki Crew Member.

Once signed by the new Keiki Crew Member HR will confirm with the Centre Cooridnator that this has been done and will advise of any missing documentation that is required to begin employment.



Probation Journey

Probation step by step – In Progress


Supporting Professional Development Through Performance Review

Performance Appraisal and Supporting growth – In Progress


Supportive Actions for Performance Issues

Performance issues and concern management – In Progress


Supporting Employee Health and Wellbeing

Pregnancy –
Educators who are pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant should read the Pregnancy in Early Education and Care Policy

Immunisation –
We encourage educators and staff to be up to date with their immunisations. Click here to read Important Health Information for Educators and Staff

Work Health and Safety-
Working at Low Levels
Moving equipment
Lifting Children in and out of Cots

Mental Health-
Recognising and Managing Stress
Mindfulness For Adults
Mindful Practice
Grounding Method


When the Journey is Away from Keiki

Exiting information for Coordinators – In Progress