Coronavirus Information and Updates

This page has been created to share information and updates on the Coronavirus (COVID-19), including our latest policies and procedures regarding the Coronavirus pandemic. We are committed to the health and safety of our staff, families and the children in our care and we are regularly updating the information, policies and safety measures on this page. If you have any feedback, questions or concerns around the Coronavirus, please email our General Manager Kym on

Additional in-centre health and safety measures

We know that many of you may be feeling concerned and unsure about what is happening when it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Department of Health advises that the risk of transmission of the Coronavirus in Western Australia remains low, however the situation is evolving. To reassure you, we would like to share with you what we are doing to keep your children and family safe.

Cleaning procedures

Keiki Early Learning have always adhered to the guidelines and recommendations in Staying Healthy 5th Edition as children’s health and safety is a priority for us. We have implemented additional measures to our already stringent Cleaning Procedures.

Each service is using several commercial/hospital grade products to protect the children, families and staff.

Commercial Grade Disinfectant
This product is being used at least twice a day in between our usual cleaning procedures. We are also using this product before and after each nappy change. By using this disinfectant, our supplier reassures us that we are killing 99.9% of all germs within the service.

Surface Sanitiser
Surface Sanitiser is a food safe spray that is used on food preparation areas and equipment.

Oxivir Tb (Hospital Grade Disinfectant)
This product is our secret weapon. Oxivir Tb is highly effective against a wide variety of different things, including viruses. All services are using this product at the end of each day on surfaces that are frequently touched.

Alcohol-based Hand Rub
Each service has alcohol-based hand rub at the entrance and exit of the service. Families, children, staff and visitors must use this upon entry to the service. Hand hygiene is the most effective way to manage and prevent an outbreak of any illness in early childhood settings.

We have also encouraged all families to use the QR code feature of the Xplor app to sign children in and out of the service, to minimise direct contact with the iPad touchscreen.

Reduction of traffic within services

Pick up and drop off of children
To greatly reduce foot traffic within the services and rooms we have implemented drop off and pick up of children to occur in the foyers.

Minimisation of visitors
We have minimised visitors into the service to only those essential, and will not be conducting any incursions or excursions. Tours and Orientations will be minimised, restricted to a set amount of people and will be held at designated times each day. During the time when there are visitors to the service, children will be outside practicing Social Distancing. After each tour the service will be thoroughly cleaned to protect children or staff within the service.

Changes to daily practices and environment

Food Safety
Whilst it is important in developing children’s independence and sense of agency, we are no longer allowing older children to self-serve at mealtimes. An appointed educator will serve each child, to reduce the risk of cross contamination at this time. We are also no longer allowing food play (eg playdough, cooked pasta). This is in response to limited food supplies and to reduce cross contamination risks.

To reduce the risk of infection via surfaces, we have minimised rugs and cushions, spraying regularly with food safe sanitizer. Dress ups and soft toys have been temporarily removed. Everyday programs have been moved outdoors for as much of the day as possible, as the virus does not spread as easily in open outdoor spaces.

It is not possible to practice social distancing at all times in childcare, and we are conscious it is important to continue providing plentiful hugs, interaction and comfort to support children’s wellbeing. However we have made changes where practical, for example cots and beds have been spaced further apart and children are encouraged to sleep outside when possible.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Policy

Please download our latest Coronavirus COVID-19 policy below.


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