Meet the Team

Chantelle - Centre Coordinator

Chantelle has been working in the early years sector for more than 20 years and is extremely passionate about her role as Centre Coordinator at Keiki Early Learning Hamersley.

Chantelle takes pride in the quality of care provided throughout all avenues of her work. She is a huge advocate for play and believes we need to set the scene to allow our children the ability to learn in an environment that promotes creativity, empathy, resilience, inquisitiveness, innovation, gratitude and one that holds self-achievement in high regard.

coordinator- Keiki early learning hamersley

Christie- Assistant Coordinator

Christie has over 20 years’ experience in the early childhood education and care industry and joined Keiki Early Learning Hamersley in March 2018.

Christie sees children as competent and capable individuals who have the right to respectful and caring relationships. She believes children’s self-confidence and sense of worth should be overflowing and as an Educator she strives to achieve this through meaningful conversations which allows children to know they are valued and an important part of the community.

2IC-keiki early learning hamersley

Treena - Early Childhood Teacher

Treena holds a Bachelor of Early Childhood Studies and has worked as an ECT in schools and childcare centres for over 7 years. Prior to Teaching Treena was a teacher assistant for 2 years, she has also lectured in hospitality.

Treena believes by developing a trusting, safe, caring and fun environment, children can meet their fullest potential and truest version of themselves. She strives to create environments that encourage collaboration, communication and exploration with hands-on discovery education that allows children to use all their senses.

ECT-Keiki early learning Hamersley

Bree - Kindy Room Leader

Bree loves everything about her role as an educator, the lessons she learns, the love she receives, the meaningful interactions, the feeling of being blessed, the laughter and the bonds formed with children in her care.

She has always been fascinated in how humans develop, choosing to be curious in her life development and her ongoing passion to learn, self-reflect and evolve.

Kindy-room-leader- Keiki early learning hamersley

Shannan - Toddler Room Leader

Shannan has four children and has worked in the Early Childhood setting for over 14 years. She has gained a lot of experience over the years, working with children from many different cultures, ethnicities and backgrounds.

Shannan believes that all children are individuals and deserve the right to live in an equitable and respectful environment. As an educator she strives to always offer meaningful and respectful experiences for children and believes that communication and team work is key to providing a safe and harmonious environment for everyone.

Toddler-room-leader-Keiki early learning hamersley

Jill - Babies Room Leader

Jillian has worked in the Early Childhood Education and Care industry for over 14 years. She experienced working in both Perth and regional based centres before joining Keiki Early Learning Hamersley in 2016.

Jillian works as the Room Leader in the Baby room, striving to provide the highest quality of care for each and every child. She believes that love, support, respect and stability build trusting relationships, curiosity and confidence in children, which paves the way for them to grow into competent and successful learners.

Baby-room-leader-keiki early learning hamersley

Lisa - Cook

Lisa enjoys seeing happy little faces each day and hearing the chatter of chirpy little lunch time eaters. She ensures all children are catered for including any allergies, intolerances, religious/family preferences or simply fussy eaters.

As a mother Lisa understands the struggles of encouraging children to eat and over the years she has learnt some little tricks to help parents. As this is her passion, she will go the extra mile to ensure every little tummy is filled.

Cook-keiki early learning hamersley