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Mandy, Krisz, Sharee and larissa from keiky early learning centre doing freeze dance
By keiki

Move and Groove: Freeze Dance

In this video, we watch Mandy, Krisz, Sharee and Larissa from Keiki Early Learning in Edgewater, as they dance and sing along to one of our favourite action songs for kids, The Freeze Dance. Freeze is a fun song with active dance moves and lyrics that are easy to follow, so you can dance and sing with us from your living room!

Get ready to dance to Freeze with our Keiki Crew. All you need to do is follow the instructions of the song – which takes you from dancing to hopping to skipping to twirling, and then back to dancing! At some points in the song, the singer tells us to “freeze”, and we all must stay as still as possible until it’s time to move again.


Our Move & Groove Action Songs Program

We developed the Move and Groove program as a key part of our early childhood education curriculum. Move and Groove is full of fun action songs for kids and is designed to keep them moving while developing some important skills along the way.

The Move and Groove program has been created to encourage active movement, gross motor skills, learning and development through music, playing instruments, singing and dancing. It’s a lot of fun for children and adults thanks to catchy melodies and easy-to-follow lyrics.

The Freeze Dance Song helps children to develop their skills in following directions and learning to stop and go. It’s a high energy song that provides “brain breaks”, where the children can have fun as they try to keep still and wait for the next direction.

Music by The Kiboomers (Party Freeze Dance Song).

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