HBF Run for a Reason

Congratulations to the Keiki Trinity team who participated in the HBF Run for a Reason on Sunday the 19th of May 2019.

Packing Lunchboxes For Fussy Eaters

Packing a school lunchbox for a fussy eater can be challenging. Parents want to offer a variety of food in their child's lunchbox but they also don't want it to come home completely uneaten and for their child to be hungry at school.


Donna Moala is a Certified Sleep Sense Consultant and the founder of Bub2sleep. She has years of experience supporting families in Perth and worldwide to regain their sleep.

Baby Massage Perth

Baby Massage Perth is Perth's premier Baby Massage Company offering parents the chance to learn 'the magic of Infant Massage'.

Supporting Children’s Sense of Agency

In this article, we discuss what sense of agency is and how decision making supports belonging and independence. Providing children with choices and options is not the only way to support their agency it is also about listening with respect to your child's voice, their words, and their ideas.
Teddy bear and green potty inside of domestic bathroom

A Guide to Toilet Training your Child

In this article, we will discuss how to recognise the signs of your child being ready for toilet training from around 18 months, the three steps of toileting, and how to work with your childcare provider for support and consistency. Above all else, it's important to stay calm and remain patient throughout this exciting step for your child, as successful toilet training can take some time!
two babies playing together in sandpit

Event – Sleep, Settling and Play for Babies

Join Keiki Trinity's special babies-only community playgroup in May with a focus on sleep and settling. Enjoy use of our beautiful babies room resources and outdoor play area, participate in an Introductory Baby Massage Session led by an accredited Infant Massager Instructor and learn tips and tricks from a Certified Sleep Sense Consultant.
parent reading to young child at Keiki Early Learning community library

Story Time – How Books Play an Important Part in Early Learning

Basic organisational skills, information filtering, and communication are all combining to prepare your child for formal education. In the contemporary landscape, where technology is ever present, it is more important than ever to take a hands-on approach to early learning. From birth until the age of five is the most rapid period of development in your child’s life. Spending time with them and communicating through conversation, play, music and reading teach your child much more than just the sounds of the alphabet.