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2024 Re-Enrolment

What is Re-Enrolment?

Every year families must re-enrol for the following year. During the re-enrolment process we ensure that you have access to Keiki’s Policies, the Family Handbook and update your child’s information.

To secure your child’s place, you will need to complete three important steps:

→ 1. You will receive a link from Xplor to update your child and family information. This link expires after 7 days; if your link has expired please contact your Centre Coordinator.

→ 2. Use the buttons below to notify us of the days you require for 2024, or to cancel your child’s booking if they are off to school.

→ 3. Supply the service with an updated ‘Understanding my Child – Update‘ form and if applicable, an updated Health Care Plan or Medical Management Plan and Risk Minimisation Plan.

Once you have completed ALL three steps you have secured your child’s enrolment for 2024. Your Centre Coordinator will let you know if we can accommodate any changes to booked days.


Click Early Learning if your child attends Keiki Edgewater, Keiki Glendale, Keiki Hamersley, Keiki Mindarie Keys, Keiki Catalina or Keiki Trinity.

Click Oshc if your child attends Outside School Hours Care at Keiki Mindarie Primary, Keiki Shorehaven or Keiki Tapping.

Click Preschool of your child attends The 3Plus Preschool Program at Keiki Mindarie Primary.


Re-Enrolment Information for Families

Health Care and Medical Conditions

Click here if your child has a medical condition, health care, dietary or cultural need.

At least every 12 months, or on re-enrolment, records of children’s health care needs must be updated.

Children who have medical conditions, health care needs, allergies, dietary, health or cultural requirements need a completed Health Care Plan and a Risk Minimisation Plan.

A Health Care Plan is used by the service to ensure we have accurate information on your child’s medical, cultural or health needs.

A Risk Minimisation Plan is used by the service to ensure all efforts are made to reduce the risks associated with your child’s medical, cultural or health needs. The Risk Management Plan will be finished by the Service, but your input is valuable. We have created Risk Minimisation Plans for different Medical Conditions that can be accessed below.

Medical Management Plans or Medical Action Plans must be updated by a Medical Practitioner, such as your GP, every 12 months, or on re-enrolment.If your child no longer has a medical condition or allergy we must receive this information in writing by a Medical Practitioner, such as your GP. For special health, dietary or cultural requirement, please send your service an email.

Our Medical Conditions Policy can also be accessed here for your reference.

Risk Minimisation Plans





Food Allergy

General (all other conditions)


Understanding Your Child

Building responsive and respectful relationships that promote children’s sense of security and belonging is very important to us. We can provide a home away from home by knowing your child as best we can.

One way we gather information about your child and your family is by collecting information from you. Please complete the Understanding my Child- Update form below and either print or email to your child’s service.

Early Learning (0-4 years) Understanding My Child – Update Form

If your child is a baby, please also complete a Babies’ First Foods Form

Outside School Hours Care (5-12 years) Understanding My Child – Update Form


Other Information

All education and care services are required to have Policies and Procedures to guide practice and explain the roles and responsibilities of staff and families. Upon Enrolment and Re-enrolment, you agree to abide by the policies and procedures set out by Keiki Early Learning. Click here to access the Policies and Procedures.

Our Family Handbook has recently been updated.

Please click here to view the Early Years Family Handbook.

Please click here to view the OSHC Family Handbook.

You can also visit our useful links page for further resources on parenting, community, early education and health and safety for children.