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Re-Enrolment for 2022

What is Re-Enrolment?

Every year we ask families to reenrol for the following year. During the reenrolment process we ensure that we are still meeting your family’s unique needs and ensure you have access to Keiki’s Policies, the Family Handbook and update your child’s information. Please complete your child’s re-enrolment for 2022 using the form below.

Click Early Learning if your child attends Keiki Edgewater, Keiki Glendale, Keiki Hamersley, Keiki Mindarie Keys or Keiki Trinity.

Click Oshc if your child attends Outside School Hours Care at Keiki Mindarie Primary, Keiki Northshore or Keiki Yanchep Rise.

Click 3Plus of your child attends Three Plus at Keiki Mindarie Primary.


Re-Enrolment Information for Families

Health Care and Medical Conditions

At least every 12 months, or on reenrolment, records of children’s health care needs must be updated. If your child has any medical conditions, allergies or special health, dietary or cultural requirements please download and return the below Health Care Plan.

Medical Management Plans or Medical Action Plans must be updated by a Medical Practitioner, such as your GP, every 12 months, or on reenrolment.

If your child no longer has a medical condition or allergy we must receive this information in writing by a Medical Practitioner, such as your GP. For special health, dietary or cultural requirement, please send your service an email.

Our Medical Conditions Policy can also be accessed here for your reference.

Health Care Plan Fillable 9.21


Policies and Procedures

All education and care services are required to have Policies and Procedures to guide practice and explain the roles and responsibilities of staff and families. Upon Enrolment and Reenrolment, you agree to abide by the policies and procedures set out by Keiki Early Learning.

Click here to access the Policies and Procedures.


Understanding Your Child

father reading books with young child in daycare setting
mother helping young child to paint

Building responsive and respectful relationships that promote children’s sense of security and belonging is very important to us. Owner Sam’s dream for Keiki is to provide a home away from home for children. We do this by knowing your child and you as best we can.

One way we gather information about your child and your family is by collecting information from you. Your child’s first and most important teacher. Please complete the Understanding my Child- Update form below and either print or email to your child’s service.

Understanding my child Update Fillable

If your child is enrolled in OSHC please complete this form

Understanding my child Update OSHC fillable

For Babies, please also complete a Babies First Foods Form to support your child’s educators and our Cooks in preparing delicious foods for your child.

E 01 Babies First Foods


Other Information

Please access the Family Handbook by clicking the link below.

You can also visit our useful links page for further resources on parenting, community, early education and health and safety for children.

Keiki-Early-Learning-Family Handbook