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Sing a Classic Song with Keiki Early Learning

When it comes to helping children remember concepts and ideas for the long term, there’s no better way than through music. In today’s video, we’ll sing along to ‘Give Me a Home Among the Gum Trees’, an Australian classic by singer, songwriter and now, childrens’ book author, Bob Brown.

Written in 1974 by Brown and Wally Johnson, the song was originally performed as a satirical light-hearted work at festivals around Melbourne. It later became a hit in 1982 and circulated on the radio and at folk gatherings throughout the nation. Most notably, it was the song played at Steve Irwin’s memorial service in 2006.

Thanks to this video featuring Melanie and Alyse from Keiki Glendale in Hamersley, you and your child will be able to sing along to this Australian folk classic and remember it for years to come.

Memorable Stories and the Reasons we Sing

From its initial conception, the Keiki Early Learning was created to improve the area of childhood education and lead the way where others fell short. With the guidance of our founders Sam and Angela, both of whom have years of experience in childhood education, Keiki now leads the way in early learning according to our three core values, which are:

A focus on our communities: Focusing on the welfare of our staff, children, their families and community at large.

A focus on the whole child: Meeting all the needs of the child on a holistic level.

A focus on earth to sky: Teaching children to be aware of their environmental footprint and living sustainably. By celebrating the environment with content by Australian cultural icons, we believe that your child will have a greater affinity for the planet through enjoyable songs they won’t soon forget.

Find out more about Keiki Early Learning

To find out more information on our philosophy, practices and anything else that may be of interest in your search for the perfect child care service, get in touch with the team at Keiki Early Learning today! Not only will you be able to speak to one of our passionate staff members but we’d love to get to know you and your child in order to best service their education needs and help them thrive. To find out more about Keiki Early Learning, please don’t hesitate to contact us.