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A Passionate Team of Early Childhood Educators

As parents, we understand that it’s a difficult decision to entrust someone with the care of your child. Since 2003 we have carefully chosen the best educators in the industry to nurture and guide the children enrolled at our childcare services.

Our early childhood educators are passionate and determined to provide high-quality education and care in an environment that is safe and provides opportunities for exploration, play and learning. We provide regular professional development and training opportunities, ensuring our teams are constantly updating their skills and knowledge so they can offer an exceptional program to the children in our care.

Within childcare services, educators hold a minimum Certificate III qualification, with many having completed a Diploma or higher qualification. Our Educational Leader and fully qualified Early Childhood Teacher work together to provide the educators with the tools to ensure children of all ages enjoy a meaningful, play-based educational program. This ensures that your child receives a strong foundation for their transition to school and beyond.

Our Senior Management Team

All educators at Keiki Early Learning are supported by our qualified and experienced Keiki Hub team led by owners Sam and Angela. This includes support in specialised areas such as Human Resources, Administration, Marketing, Finance and Compliance. This administrative support allows educators to focus on their core role in caring for children and helps to provide a range of resources and expertise accessible to all of our staff.

Providing a Safe and Nurturing Environment

Our teams are skilled at helping children to settle into care. Transitioning from home or another care environment can be daunting but, with the love and attention your child will receive, they will quickly feel secure and engaged. We make this our priority as it is vital to facilitate their development.

Collaboration with our families is key to providing the very best education and care possible and we work in partnership so that together we can offer continuity and progression in your child’s learning and development. We welcome your input throughout your child’s journey through our programs and facilitate and encourage regular two-way communication through our our app, Xplor Care. Xplor allows us to provide families with regular updates on their child, learning stories, photos and useful information, and can be used to document their development at home too.

We believe that by offering a nurturing and caring environment, with lots of cuddles, we are able to accommodate the needs of your child as she/he grows and progresses through the centre. Research shows how important positive relationships are in the development of children and our staff are committed to the wellbeing of your child.

It’s through relationships that children learn more about their world – how to think, understand, communicate, behave, show emotions, develop social skills and move around. That’s because relationships let children express themselves – a cry, a laugh, a question – and get something back – a cuddle, a smile, an answer. What children ‘get back’ gives them very important information about what the world is like and how to act in the world. Strong attachments and relationships early in life mean your child is more likely to have better physical and mental health, including emotional resilience.