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Keiki Early Learning – Quality Education and Child Care


Keiki Early Learning is a small group of family owned and operated child care centre in Perth’s northern suburbs which have been operation since 2003. We provide quality early learning education and child care services based on the Early Years Learning Framework that encourages dynamic learning and development through play. Our Early Learning schools are located in Mindarie Keys, Hamersley and Trinity, Alkimos and we run a Three Plus School Readiness program, Outside of School Hours Care and Vacation Care programs based at Mindarie Primary School.

Our Approach to Early Childhood Education

We pride ourselves in providing the ideal environment for children to learn, develop and grow. The physical environment is part of the curriculum, rather than just a background. We offer children a range of spaces to learn in through play, from beautiful gardens to dynamic climbing structures to quiet areas for calm reflection. Our nurturing and safe environment is led by experienced and fully qualified staff, dedicated to providing your children with the best quality child care and early education.

Our Name

Our early learning practices, beliefs and daily rituals draw inspiration from a number of philosophies and cultures from around the world, including the Reggio Emilia learning approach from Italy, Indigenous Australian (Noongar) practices and customs from Western Australia and community values from Hawaii. Built upon the foundation of the ohana, the family, Hawaiian culture ensures the health of the community as a whole. The Hawaiian ohana encompasses not only immediate family related by blood, but all who share a common sense of aloha (love and compassion). We adapt this same approach to the communities we operate within, helping to provide and build a support network for our children and families. In the Hawaiian language, the word Keiki (pronounced ‘Kee-kee’), means child or children.

In horticulture, a keiki is the name for the new shoot of orchid that propogates on the stem. We embed sustainability and nature within each of our services, and encourage children to observe and respect the world we live in throughout the process.

Keiki is also used in the Japanese language, translating to ‘opportunity’ or ‘chance’. We are dedicated to creating opportunities to grow and develop, whether it be encouraging children to make new discoveries every day, sharing information and knowledge with our families or providing regular professional development for our staff.

In 2019, after more than 15 years in business, we decided our four services needed a new name that would unify them as one. Previously named individually as Mindarie Keys Early Learning School, Mindarie Keys Three Plus School Readiness and Outside of School Hours Care, Hamersley Early Learning School and Trinity Early Learning School, our services have now all been renamed as Keiki Early Learning.. However we still provide the same high quality learning environments and continue to be proudly family owned and operated.