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Toddler boy playing with bowl and spoon in outdoor kitchen

Toddler’s Early Learning Centre – Perth

Keiki Early Learning offers a quality early learning program designed specifically for toddlers which lays the foundations for our three plus kindy program. We believe in helping young children discover, learn and develop in a flexible and effective way. Toddlers are supported to develop resilience, independence and emotional regulation within a safe, nurturing and engaging environment. Our Toddler Rooms provide a perfect environment for toddlers aged between 18 months and 3 years.

More than Childcare Services

The toddler program at our early learning schools aims to enhance children’s language, cognitive and physical skills by providing stimulating experiences such as singing, reading, dancing, art and recognition games. A focus is placed on the promotion of self-help skills in a fun, play-based environment. Our educators are experienced in toilet education and strive to support children and families through this exciting and sometimes challenging time.

At Keiki Early Learning we believe the environment is the third teacher. We place an emphasis on natural spaces and a stimulating ambience to engage toddlers and further our focus on sustainability. Our physical environment provides a range of opportunities for safe, open-ended play that helps to teach children about things like hand-eye coordination, social skills, spatial awareness and problem-solving skills.

Working in Partnership with Families

Educators at our early learning centres strive to work closely with the families of toddlers. We aim to create a welcoming and secure environment that nurtures and supports toddlers while offering beautiful play spaces that encourage their imagination and the development of social skills.

Each child has their own online portfolio so we can share their learning with their families. This includes photos, observations and a snapshot of the week in the Toddler Room. Families are able to comment, extend children’s learning at home and share these moments with extended family all around the world.