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Our Learning Spaces

Our spaces are carefully thought out to provide the best possible environment for all children to learn, develop and thrive. Heavily influenced by calming natural elements and materials inside and out, each early learning school also includes the following features:

Community library

Our community libraries are a free resource for our families, enabling them to borrow age-appropriate books to read at home to their children. We are passionate about increasing early literacy within our communities and we believe regular reading is a key factor in doing so. Our goal is to ensure every child within our services can enjoy and embrace the magic of books!

Square bookshelves on community library wall with READ letters, books and plants

The Keiki Kitchen

Our kitchens are run by experienced cooks and are held to the highest health and safety standards. Menus are developed carefully with children’s nutrition and daily dietary requirements in mind. Each child’s individual needs, health concerns and cultural wishes are respected and carefully considered. Find out more about our food here.

image of a clean kitchen

Art studio

Our educators believe in nurturing each child’s creativity. Each day children are able to explore a wide range of materials and resources in our Art Studio which provides a creative hub. Here children can test their skills using a range of media and materials that foster creativity and learning. Our studios are equipped with easels, paints, drawing materials, clay, wire, collage objects and a multitude of natural and recycled materials, allowing every child’s inner artist to emerge!

Art studio art easel with paint pots and children's paintings hanging with magnets on the wall at keiki early learning trinity alkimos

Yarning Circle

At Keiki Early Learning, we believe it is very important to respect and value all cultures and are inclusive and welcoming to all. Our specially-created Yarning Circles at each service are designed to create a beautiful, inclusive outdoor space where we can acknowledge and celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture. We do this through play and fun experiences such as singing ‘Wanjoo’ meaning welcome, which is sung in the local Aboriginal dialect Noongar. Through the Yarning Circle and our daily practices, children are able to develop a deeper understanding and respect of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture.

outside view of yarning circle

Outdoor spaces

All outdoor spaces are carefully designed around nature play principles, with minimal use of plastic. With features such as wooden play equipment, rocks and sand, recycled materials and built-in sensory gardens, the outdoors is a place where children are encouraged to investigate, explore and learn at their own pace. All services have their own vegetable gardens and water tanks to help teach children about sustainability, and Keiki Mindarie Keys even has their own chickens! We believe outdoor activity is essential for growing children and we incorporate the outdoors in learning, play, eating and even sleeping wherever possible.

Kindy and toddler shared outdoor environment wood chips around sandpit slide into sandpit at keiki early learning trinity alkimos