Policies and Procedures


Our Philosophy Keiki


QA1: Educational Program

Educational Program and Curriculum Policy


QA2: Health and Safety

Acceptance and Refusal Policy

Administration of First Aid Policy

Administration of Medication Policy

COVID 19 Policy

Lock Down Procedure

Cleaning of Service and Equipment Policy

Food and Nutrition Policy

Safe Preparation of Bottle Procedure

Bushfire Procedure

Nappy Change Procedure

Health and Hygiene Policy

Head Injury Information

Immunisation and Infectious Diseases Policy

Providing a Child Safe Environment Policy

Security of Service Policy

Sun Protection Policy

Supervision of Children Policy

Water Safety Policy

Snake Awareness Policy

Acceptance and Refusal Procedure

Administration of First Aid Procedure

Arrival and Departure Policy

Child Protection Policy

Emergency Management Policy

Death of a Child Procedure

Excursion and Incursion Policy

Hand washing soap and Water Procedure

Toileting Procedure

Incident, Injury, Trauma and Illness Policy

Medical Conditions Policy

Maintenance, Service Works and Resources Request Procedure

Safe Transportation Policy

Sleep Rest and Relaxation Policy

Safe Sleep Check Form

Sunscreen Application Procedure

Effective Supervision of Children


QA3: Environment

Environmental Sustainability Policy

Pets and Animals Policy


QA4: Staffing

Code of Conduct

Information Technology and Social Media Policy

Responsible Person Policy

Workplace Health and Safety Policy


QA5: Relationships with Children

Positive Guidance and Interactions with Children Policy


QA6: Families and the Community

Enrolment Policy

Grievance Policy

Transitions and Orientation Policy


QA7: Management

Fees Policy

Governance Policy

Policy and Procedure Management Policy

Policy Review Educator Feedback Form

Policy Review Feedback Form Family

Policy Review Evaluation Form

Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

Privacy Policy (76709397v4)

Record Keeping and Retention Policy

Volunteers Relief Staff and Students Policy