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Mandy from Keiki Early Learning Trinity, alkimos reading
By keiki

There’s a Shark in the Park!

Watch along at home as Mandy from Keiki Early Learning Trinity, Alkimos reads “There’s a Shark in the Park!” – a short story for children by Nick Sharratt. Filmed at Keiki Edgewater, this book is a firm favourite amongst children of all ages at Keiki Early Learning, and we know they will love enjoying it from home.

So, make a telescope with your hands and join Timothy Pope as “He looks at the sky, he looks at the ground, he looks left, he looks right, he looks all around!”

In each page, Timothy Pope thinks he sees a shark in the park, though it’s usually something a lot less scary – like a cat, a crow or his dad’s hair!

Why children love “There’s a Shark in the Park!”

“There’s a Shark in the Park!” is a beautifully illustrated, exciting peep-through book, with bright colours and lots of surprises along the way. It’s written in funny rhymes and has a repetitive structure, encouraging children to pick up on the narrative along the way and form their own ideas about what’s going to happen next.

Suitable for children aged 0-5, this book is fun to follow along as children can join in with the rhymes. There’s an element of surprise, encouraging children to be brave and turn the page, igniting their curiosities. Brilliantly humorous, we find that children want to read this book again and again.


Make a telescope and listen to story time with Mandy

Want to join Timothy Pope as he uses his new telescope in the park with his friends? Ask your little ones at home what everyday objects they can find to turn into their own telescope; a kitchen or toilet roll holder, rolled up paper or just their own hands all work well.

Making a telescope of their own helps children to really get involved in the story, and you can encourage them to guess what will happen next…. Is there really a shark in the park?!

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