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Fruit smoothie recipe

Easy Freezy Fruit Smoothie Recipe

When the weather is hot, it is nice to cool down with an ice-cold smoothie, or even better, with an icy pole! Keiki Hamersley Educator Christie shows us how to make a delicious mango and banana fruit smoothie.

Merry Christmas Meatball Recipe

Try one of our favourite Christmas recipes from Cook Leonie at Keiki Edgewater. These meatballs are quick and easy to prepare, great to freeze and make a perfect snack, platter option or part of a meal for the holidays or any time of year.
kindy aged children painting with educator

What is School Readiness and Why is it Important?

School Readiness is a widely used term referring to a child’s preparedness for any easy and successful transition to formal schooling. However, a quality school readiness program should not replicate a day at a typical school; this approach is supported by a growing evidence base and is also supported by teachers within school settings. Instead of teaching children academic skills, Early Years educators agree that it’s much more important for children to develop social, emotional and physical skills whilst instilling a natural curiosity and love of learning. By providing children with these foundation skills and establishing connections between families and schools, children will have the best opportunity to adjust to a school environment and reach their learning potential.
outdoor water pump keiki trinity

Designing Spaces to Grow

What do you think of when you imagine a children’s play area? At Keiki Early Learning, the physical environment is part of the curriculum, rather than just a background. Every space is carefully thought out to provide the ideal environment for children to learn, develop and thrive.
Bree from Keiki Early Learning Performing Wanjoo The Welcome Song sitting in the opening lawn

Wanjoo (The Welcome Song)

Welcome, welcome beautiful friends! In this video, Bree from Keiki Hamersley performs Wanjoo (The Welcome Song). This song is enjoyed each morning by educators and children of all ages as part of our daily ritual at Keiki Early Learning.
Small girl playing with her doll at Keiki Early Learning Centre

Help Your Child Adjust to a New Baby

Introducing a new baby to the family is a joyous time, but for many families, it may also be stressful for older children. It’s common for older children to act out and even regress in response to the newest member of the family. As a parent, you can assist with this transition by being prepared for a bit of a bumpy start. These strategies can help your child to adjust to a new baby in the family.
Mandy, Krisz, Sharee and larissa from keiky early learning centre doing freeze dance

Move and Groove: Freeze Dance

Move and Groove: Freeze Dance In this video, we watch Mandy, Krisz, Sharee and Larissa from Keiki Early Learning in Edgewater, as they dance and sing along to one of our favourite action songs for kids, The Freeze Dance. Freeze is a fun song with active dance moves and lyrics that are easy to follow,...
Mandy from Keiki Early Learning Trinity, alkimos reading "There's a share in the park" short story

There’s a Shark in the Park!

There’s a Shark in the Park! Watch along at home as Mandy from Keiki Early Learning Trinity, Alkimos reads “There’s a Shark in the Park!” – a short story for children by Nick Sharratt. Filmed at Keiki Edgewater, this book is a firm favourite amongst children of all ages at Keiki Early Learning, and we...

Ten Years’ a Charm for Educators at Keiki Early Learning

Two educators at Keiki Early Learning Mindarie Keys have recently joined the company’s ‘’10-year club’’, enjoying dinner with owners Samantha Morrell and Angela Palmer to celebrate the impressive milestone. Centre Coordinator, Ruth Riches and Room Leader, Tracy Bekisz both work at Keiki’s flagship service in Mindarie, opened by sisters Sam and Angela in 2003.

Sing a Classic Song with Keiki Early Learning

When it comes to helping children remember concepts and ideas for the long term, there’s no better way than through music. In today’s video, we’ll sing along to ‘Give Me a Home Among the Gum Trees’, an Australian classic by singer, songwriter and now, childrens’ book author, Bob Brown.